Why I Draw

At times, I draw simply for the pleasure of drawing.  I do this usually in coffee shops while observing people around me.  They become my models.  When I'm in New York, the Met is the best place.  Its sculptures offers a great selection of subjects.  In other occasions I draw for the purpose of improve my technique. This kind of drawing is done in drawing books.  Strathmore Series 400, hard bound, 14in x 11in, is my preference.  Of course, these are my private drawings but often I give them away as gifts.

The nature of my public work is different, indeed.  I draw for the purpose communicating with the viewer.  Sometimes, I simply wish to convey the beauty of the human figure.  In other instances, my focus is the face.  I consider this drawing for beauty's sake.  My goal is for the viewer to reflect upon the qualities of our likeness.

I also create series of drawings that explore issues affecting society.  Such collections serve as documentaries about people.  Each portrait in a series, for example, is a page in an essay relating it's own perspective while contributing to the overall message.

Because I consider drawing to be a language, I feel compelled to express myself through line and tone as a poet does through rhythm and rhyme.  My figures and faces are intended to communicate insight in beauty as well as essays about the human condition.

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